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Welcome To Learning About Food Allergies! was created for the purpose of sharing information, facts, tips, news, etc.  Food Allergy Talk has accomplished these goals, as well as the one goal that I least expected, but am most excited for; becoming a strong allergy community and powerful online network of support.  Here at, there are a multitude of opportunities for people to get involved, reach out, find information, help others, and ask for help with original and personal questions that they cannot find anywhere else. is a dedicated online support group, and within minutes of visiting the website, I hope you can see that this site is like no other. This website is a virtual location for others to unite and find the information they need, and to know that no matter what, they are not alone, and there is an entire community of people willing to reach out and help you on your journey towards discovering food allergies.

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Copyright 2011-2004 Andrea G. Information was gathered from other sources and is provided for educational purposes only. Should not replace medical advice. Seek medical attention before making any lifestyle changes.

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